Today Marks a Milestone

There is almost nothing as exciting as finishing the final touches for a novel. After hours and hours of typing and editing and staring at a black and white screen, it’s finally ready. It’s finally time. Today, I finished the final edit for “Ecce Signum.” I am extremely excited to be releasing it this Friday and am currently in the process of going through the publishing checks.

This will be my second published novel. As I wait for the publication day to come, I wanted to make a couple of exciting announcements:

First, with “Ecce Signum” now under my belt, I will begin work on “Shadow of Freedom,” the much anticipated sequel to “Shadow of Truth,” on November 1st.

Second, I am working to be able to publish one or two novelettes/novellas between November 1st and the expected publication date of “Shadow of Freedom” (Christmas, 2014), and will be expanding on this in future posts.

I am eagerly anticipating this Halloween and am preparing for the next big novel. Saludos!


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