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I’m a radio clown

On the air and at sea–

A lecherous leper

Who’s grasping at teeth.

I’m an integrity salesman

Who’s clipping his wings,

And we’re all just beggars

Wanting shiny things.

We’d talk of religion

If it made any sense,

Sell our souls if we had them

For liquor and rent.

Know it’s not God that binds us,

Rather sorrow and shame

And a love which we strive for

To better our names.

So put it behind you.

I’ll try to forget,

And deceive the spirits

That spin in our heads.

We’ll quell the anger

Together as one

And bury the bodies

Killed in view of the sun.

No more talk of religion,

Or souls of lost men.

We’ll reason the world

With glass beakers and gin.

No ethereal emperor,

Just flesh and bone,

And the craziest world

That we know as our home.


We Don’t Define Us

First, there was nothing,

A ball of energy thrust into a shell,

Creation of the proverbial “I.”

A being made commonplace. A being made.

His energy, now knowledge presumed,

Cascades him through a rugged landscape.

Man, he calls himself,

Not knowing the extent of the brand,

Or the struggles of its definition.

Developing eyes, he wanders,

Trusting in the power of his arm

To comfort the weakness of his stomach.

Like a convalescing soldier

He gains prowess and cunning,

His energy now learning.

Man fights the cold, the hurt,

Tries to define the unknown, and then

Weighs existentialism and a thing called God

His movements now calculated,

Demonstrated to the most high,

With paradoxical reasoning, created.

Not understanding the stars,

His God changes and stays the same,

Displaying implausible deniability or the devil.

And no-one cares.