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I died on the corner of Powell and 92nd.

Two men are talking on the sidewalk. They are speaking in a language that I don’t understand. They are different than me.

I stand beside them and everything is calm. The breeze blowing by reminds me that this place is strange, new. Traffic flows steadily on the street.

Suddenly I feel a chill. My nerves tingle and my bones ache. My knees are weak and they collapse downward. I lay on the ground and feel the cold of the cement. Then, a liquid warms my face, but my vision goes before I can determine its color. I wheeze out air and struggle to refill my lungs against the weight of my body. The air won’t come.

A woman screams. Why is she so upset? What happened to the calm? Someone is running! The sounds, they mesh and muddle into a melancholy metronome. Its vibrations provide the last music I hear. Good Lord! I’m freezing!


Its Priv’lage is Perfection

I envy the moon.
As I sit upon the shore
I watch the tide roll in and out
As if trading convalescent nature,
A pendulum status quo.

I cherish low tide
And I walk along the sand,
Edified by life once hidden
By heavily salted opaque waters,
Blocking the light between us.

But the moon decides,
Moving the ocean at whim
To find fulfillment while lonely.
Crouching beneath the far too distant stars,
It smiles at us and rotates.

Its splendor is strength.
Its priv’lage is perfection
And oh how I wish I were he,
The man in the moon who moves the oceans
And changes the tide at will.


Picture a graveyard,

Vacant, cold, dark.

The grass is damp.

The trees creek.

A casket is open,

Empty, dirty.

The wood is new.

You step down.

You have fallen in,

Tripped, sat, laid down.

The lid will close.

The hinge creaks.

Picture a casket,

Closed, sinking, black.

Inside is lonely.

Inside is cool.

Your eyes are open,

Blink, blink, staring.

You feel quite calm.

You’re cozy.

Your mind is still,

Unbothered, peace.

No one hears you.

No one sees.

Now walk out.